1978 Puch Free Spirit, 963 miles, chicago

So I'm clearing some space in the garage and I'm selling peds!

1978 Puch Free Sprit, Runs, 961 miles, clean, No reserve

Ebay Item number: 130153107790

The buy it now price is for chicago market lunatics.

1963 Motobecane AV43, Runs, Barn Fresh project, No Reserve

Ebay Item number: 130153087733

Check em out, Both in Chicago!


Re: 1978 Puch Free Spirit, 963 miles, chicago

Forgot to mention I'll be selling a Motobecane AV88 in the near future as well. Its a 1959 and is complete and in excellent condition. When I found it it was covered in turtle wax so there is no surface rust. I'll keep you guys posted once I get it listed.


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