I have had this moped in my garage for a few years now. I originally used Steves Moped of NJ to rebuild most of it. It has a new carb, new tires, new cables, new front light, new pedals, new flywheel, new chain, new spark plug, points, coil, and condensor. I also put a liner in the gas tank since it had rust when I originally purchased it. I am not sure the mileage but if you are interested I can let you know. It is a 2 seater and is light blue in color. I am not sure what this moped is valued at but im sure with a minor tune up (new brakes) it will be running smooth.


Hey Chad , now thats a cool bike. Email me


Can you tell me if its a 50v or a 50l?

How about what the steering column says 20/25/30 mph

or a / b /c ?

What did you coat the tank with? Kreem or POR?

Is it coming off? ( the sealant )

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