Here are the 67 Puch pic

It's not finished yet. I still have to put on the 15 intake and carb and finish mounting the pipe. It has new tires, tubes, a reupholstered seat and a fresh coat of purple paint. The original paint was in such poor condition that I had to do something.

If someone can tell me what model of bike this is I would appreciate it. Also, if anyone is interested in buying it, I'm into 2 other Puchs now and need cash to finish them.




Here are the 67 Puch pic

Where did you get that it's a '67. That's a Murray and it certainly was not made in 1967. That baby's a late 70's ped for sure. I'm actually glad that it's not a '67! Whew!

Here are the 67 Puch pic

That first sentence should have a question mark after it.

Where did you get that it’s a

Re: Here are the 67 Puch pic

The plate with the info was shot when i got this bike. The old man that sold it to me said it was 67.

So is it a Murray or a Puch? What model?

Re: Here are the 67 Puch pic

Its a late 70's, early 80's murray. I don't belive they had a model name.. The components are puch but the bike was sold under the murray name.

Re: Here are the 67 Puch pic

I think the only differences murray had was the 1.5hp and the 2.0

dont think they ever did a za50 2 speed.

Thats a neat, light bike but its worth more to you than anyone else if you did that paint job.

Unless Barney is looking for a 80 Murray LOL

Sorry , could resist.

Re: Here are the 67 Puch pic

DUde throw the big seat on that and the new intake , put a pipe on it and tune it and that thing will move.

Murrays are very light, and that removable gas tank is a plus, plus its yours and it will scream!

Re: Here are the 67 Puch pic

Here is one that I used to own. It was a 1978. See any similarities? :)

This was one of the fastest stock bikes that I have owned. It looks good. I'd keep it and get another job before I'd sell off mopeds!

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