OT Honda Interceptor in MA

I have a Garelli Basic and recently picked up a 1986 Honda Interceptor VF500F.

This is a shed find that has never been down with less than 8000 original miles! Excellent condition and very complete. Will need chain/chain tensioners, battery and carb cleaning/tune up. I have a notorized bill of sale from original owner (brother of a coworker who lost the title).

This is an extremely worthwhile project that I just do not have time for. I am going to post it this week (Wed) on Craigslist but wanted to give the Moped Army Community 1st crack at it.

I am going to sell it for $500.00. Anyone interested in the Boston Area? I cannot ship this so it would have to be local pickup only.


Re: OT Honda Interceptor in MA

This pretty much sums it up:

The VF500F Interceptor was introduced a year after the 750 Interceptor. When it arrived, it could have been largely ignored by the press, in favor of its bigger siblings, but instead it was welcomed enthusiastically. It was the general conclusion that this was the most balanced sport bike available on the market, and the most fun to ride. The 500 was based on the Japanese/European market VF400F. With a dry weight of 408lb's, it was 100lb's less than the 750!. The claimed horsepower was 68bhp, it had the best power to weight ratio in the business, at 136 horses per liter. The liquid cooled VF500F has a hydraulic clutch, 11:1 compression ratio, and a redline of 12,500rpm. The close ratio 6 speed gearbox allows the rider to easily keep in the exceedingly broad powerband. The agility of the VF500F was legendary, and many of the bikes it was compared to were of much larger capacity. It could certainly run quite successfully in such company.

Re: OT Honda Interceptor in MA

dude, ah, thats real cheap.

Re: OT Honda Interceptor in MA

not partial to the crotch rocket style but those motors are awesome. I had the 700 sabre, what a great motor.

You know you can do a title search at your local registry now right?

Re: OT Honda Interceptor in MA

I agree. I think the price is extremely reasonable. I thought I would have the time to take on the project but the summer slipped away. I even have the correct VF500F Honda Intreceptor Service Manual to go with it.

It has not run for several years but will be a very nice bike for the person who puts the time into it.


Re: OT Honda Interceptor in MA

another picture


Re: OT Honda Interceptor in MA

one more


Re: OT Honda Interceptor in MA

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

too far away!!! AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

Re: OT Honda Interceptor in MA

I have heard nothing but good things about the reliability and performance of this bike. I think it has a pretty upright rider stance and is very comfortable. I cannot think of better bike to learn on.

Honda Interceptor in MA

Going on Boston Craigslist tonight.

Anyone interested beforehand?

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