wtb kriedler parts

Hi does anyone have a set of side covers for a 1979 kriedler bp-9? (black) Also looking for the turn signals and mounting arms. thank you.

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go to uptown, and wait for someone to park their Kreidler outside a cafe or bookstore.keep a small socket set and screwdriver ready.

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lol not my style...but ...no...but.....naw! this thing has spark so I shall try and reseaurect it!

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Frederick vdL /

I also sell Kreidler parts, next to Puch Maxi, Vespa/Piaggio parts.

I haven't uploaded anything since there is nearly no demand for these parts in the US.

I can not get your sidecovers; I have nearly evertything else I think.

Let me know if there is anything else you might need; cylinders, crankshafts, special motor parts, gaskets, exhauts etc.

Also counts for Zundapp parts.

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Re: wtb kriedler parts

Cool, how much for the turn signalr arms? and lights..and do you have a rear brake cable for same? thank you for looking.

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