Puch Parts WTB

I need either 2 of the plastic swiches for the light /horn on a mkII, or if ya have it the 4 ( so i can conver 2 peds ) to the old style metal ones....


Re: Puch Parts WTB

I have a whole wiring harness for a maxi if you want that. Its got the two switches and a bunch of wires. NOS

Re: Puch Parts WTB

I appreciate it mopedmaniac, but i wouldnt go cutting up a harness just for switches.

My horn got stuck on 2 miles from home on the magnum...of course you cannot unplug the horn.....

Re: Puch Parts WTB

sorry thats funny as hell

Re: Puch Parts WTB

hell yeah, i just pretended nothing was wrong. Its a puch 6volt horn after all, sounds like a playing card in the spoke...

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