95 tomos for sale

I am selling a 95 tomos targa lx. I have been maintaining it from day 1. I got it four years ago as a beat up peice of junk, but it runs perfectly now. Its a bit faster too, I really cant say the exact speed but its better. I put a biturbo exaust and a 27 tooth speed sprocket. It definetly flies. I am selling because I am now working on other projects but this was one of my best. I have an extra chain and a carb filter. I do also have a few papers on the engine and if I can find the cd on it I will put that in too, but the papers are the same as the cd anyway. This moped does not have a title but florida doesnt require one. I thought I had a title but I guess not. I am located in valrico florida. So if interested email an offer! If you need more info email me for that too. My email is dalabree@tampabay.rr.com/ Offer any price, just email!

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