FS: brown magnum MKII

Does anyone near GR want a brown magnum? I know I'm lucky to have it, but I'm young and still learning how to get responsible with money. Please make an offer. I'm looking to unload this on saturday when I get back in town. Commence sacrifice!

Re: FS: brown magnum MKII

Sorry no pics as I'm out of town until saturday. Enough people have seen it that they can vouch for the condition. The plastic switches are functional and need to be glued together in some spots, which I will handle before selling. Other than this, the cosmetic condition is awesome. The side covers were off at the Ghost Ride, but they will be included. There are about 3500 miles on it. The lights are very bright. Functionally, the only thing that doesn't work is the horn. Everything else works and runs awesome on this machine. This has a BiTurbo and the top speed is GPS-verified at 37 mph.

Re: FS: brown magnum MKII

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

id buy it from you to replace the one i sold

but i sold the one i owned for a very very good reason lol

Re: FS: brown magnum MKII

Oh man, why do I have to pay rent tomorrow! Id buy that right away but my rent has to come first, damn.

Re: FS: brown magnum MKII

Sold to a fellow ghost rider.

Re: FS: brown magnum MKII

That went quick. If they back out let me know.

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