WTB Puch Seat

Looking to buy a Puch Seat. Not looking for a long seat just a single. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Re: WTB Puch Seat

Frederick vdL /

Well, I have this in stock... sold as displayed, without seatpen and bracket.

25$; brand new.

I believe these were sold out at mopedshop.com?!

Has to be shipped from overseas; 32$. I'm located in Holland. Shipping time is 4 to 8 days.

If interested, I can get more parts.



Re: WTB Puch Seat

Just sent you an e-mail Fred

Re: WTB Puch Seat

Frederick vdL /

Are you sure you sent me a mail? I might have overlooked it or even replied it already without knowing.

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