wtb speedkit

I'm looking for an affordable (90-110) or less speed kit for an e-50 puch newport.

You can email me at wade.beardsley@gmail.com or talk to me on aim: somescreename04

Re: wtb speedkit


Re: wtb speedkit

Frederick vdL /

I have this in stock.

PowerOne Aluminium '70cc' cylinder kit.

61.00 US Dollars.

Has to be shipped from Holland; my location. Shipping costs are 31 US Dollars. Shipping time is 4 to 8 days.

Check www.MoParts.tk for more of my parts.

Re: wtb speedkit

Would I need to get a different cylinder head for this kit?

Re: wtb speedkit


Re: wtb speedkit

Frederick vdL /

Mail sent to you; replied that is.

And since the diameter of the cylinder kit is different from a stock head, it is wise to use a high pressure head. However, you can perfectly drive with a stock head mounted on this kit.

I also have complete cylinder kits which come with heads; these are even faster and they come with the gasket set.




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