95 Tomos for sale - MD

Hey guys im selling this 95 tomos sprint $150 - OBO - its not running right now, needs a new petcock valve. I just need it out of my garage. The speedo isnt working,

the pic doesnt show the side panels but i have them and they are in good condition.

e-mail for more info.


Re: 95 Tomos for sale - MD

if you deliver it to me i will pay you 180 for it i live in manassas va like an our or 2 away from you if not i will try to find a ride but i really want it here is email jmartin@gelbergsigns.com

Re: 95 Tomos for sale - MD

do you mean $180 in addition to the $150 for the bike itself?

Re: 95 Tomos for sale - MD

I bet it's 180 total.

Re: 95 Tomos for sale - MD

i was thinking total if not its ok

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