check this out, FS in MA

Derbi C-5 Diablo. It is perhaps one of the coolest mopeds ever made. I looked for years till I found one. It runs perfect, everything works on it as it should. Has new fenders all the covers and guards are intact. $750 FIRM


the other side

currently registered in MASS


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oh, now thats just not right. Your killing me....

Re: check this out, FS in MA

That is just un-reasonably cool.

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Re: check this out, FS in MA

top speed is about 30, both wheels are alloy, akront, 21 inch front 18 inch rear. It has both pedals and foot pegs, it also has a brake pedal and a hand operated rear brake like a CT90 has. It is variated like a PA50 or a snowmobile for instance. It sits about the same height as a XR200R. It is very lightweight compared to a motorcycle and is a blast to ride on a tight twisty trail.

Re: check this out, FS in MA

Ill give ya a DEAD mint 79 manum II and 100 bucks for it

Re: check this out, FS in MA

Sorry Andrew, I'm trying to raise some cash without hitting the bank to buy a farm tractor, otherwise I'd keep it.

Re: check this out, FS in MA

damn, i cant sell my magnum around here, someone else already is selling a bone mint one ( also happens to be the dude i bought mine from) Let me ponder this ...

Re: check this out, FS in MA

Ugh let me see if i can grab the cash....

will that think go kinda off road, like dirt road reasonably? I understand its not a cr125 but those nobbies are for something right?

Re: check this out, FS in MA

It has trials type tires like you would find on an old Dual Sport bike. It goes off road great, it doesn't have a ton of power for going up mountain type trails but goes up hills like you would expect a 50 cc bike to. My kids have both an Honda XR200R and an Yamaha TT225 dirt bikes, we went riding the other day and I took the Derbi, thru the woods they couldn't catch me, on the mountain trail and across the fields it was the other way around. Basicly it is just a really cool moped that is also fun to ride off road. It could probably be modded to make more power but if I wanted that I'd take out my dirt bike.

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