WTB: Top tank frame

I'm looking for a top tank ped. Motobecane (yeah right) or Puch preferred but I will consider just about anything cool. Doesnt have to be complete. Get in touch!


Glenwood Springs, CO

Re: WTB: Top tank frame

Ive got a 80' motobecane sebring I will sell. But.... It's not very nice, actually kinda crappy but 95% complete... and its in Grand Rapids MI. I dont think im much of a help but maybe?

Re: WTB: Top tank frame

how much do you want for it and what is the 5% that is missing?

Re: WTB: Top tank frame

The only thing I remember that is missing is the painted piece behind the seat. I just guessed at 95% because I figured there had to be something else too. I was thinkin $150.00. I figured I could part it for more but Ive got a few other things going right now. Let me know if you think thats fair, Im flexibe on price. I would consider puch stuff on trade if you have any and could deliver in G.R.area.

Re: WTB: Top tank frame

hey there.

Sent you a couple emails...do you still want to sell?

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