batavus trac parts

I got this trac kickstart noped for parts .If you need parts email me . Motor runs great .Wheels are great spokes .It is a 1984 trac there are cdi unit on it . Dont know much about this noped .The motor is fast I tryed it .It is a two speed . The frame is worth nothing somone used a rattle can and sprayed it . email with offers. I will post pictures tommorow

Re: batavus trac parts

would the petcock fit a 78 Batavus HS-50?

Re: batavus trac parts

would you sell the carb?

Re: batavus trac parts

I dont know if it will fit polomask .There are alot of people here who know these better than me .I am a puch guy . I will give you the exact model it is a 1984 trac auto 2 speed escot.

I dont know what the stock carb is on this one ,Vincent the guy I got it from had a dellorto 14.12 with a hand choke on lever

Re: batavus trac parts

hey i recently bought a speedo w/ignition, daelim motor, and turn signals off of you on ebay and just got them today. i need a exhaust for it too. and would you happen to know what size chain it takes. my bike is a 1986 trac olympic. also what kind of oil do i put in the base.thanks tony


Is there any way you can take pictures, I have a garelli and need a set of wheels, what size are they?, is there one sprocket or two, which side and how many teeth are on it, and how big are the drums. I'd like to get an idea of what they look like to see if I could make them work on my ped.



Re: Wheels?

just kidding drive train is on the opposite side, thanks anyway

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