NEED Peugeot Variator.

Stock or unstock...I need to make this 103 variate. Sell me something!

I have cash, you have a paypal account, or an address where I can send a money order...yer call.


Re: NEED Peugeot Variator.

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

just a tip buddy

if it wasnt variated to begin with, you need a whole new crankshaft.

i hope that doesnt break your heart.

Re: NEED Peugeot Variator.

It's true.

Re: NEED Peugeot Variator.

Don't you worry about that, friend. I've got that covered. Thanks for looking out, though.

Re: NEED Peugeot Variator.

Yah, I could see that right away. Unvariated 103s are totally stupid! Down with the singlespeed!

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