What is this?


Guy has no idea, I have no idea. It suddenly started bothering me as to what it was, as it doesn't really look new enough to be something compleatly worthless.

Re: What is this?

Bah, this was sopose to be general. Damn shakey hands.

Re: What is this?

Timmy Southpark /

I'm gonna say like a Concord XKE with a mineralli motor... frame and motor look similair to my old xke.

Re: What is this?

Nah that thing is a JAWA..... yuk.

A Jawa 210 sport to be exsact

Re: What is this?

You say 'yuk'. I haven't run into a Jawa yet, though I see a few adds for the older ones in my area.

Not worth it you think? I think I can scratch up a seat for 30bucks off e-bay, rig up a headlight from something.

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