15mm Bing for sale.

Make an offer on a 15mm Bing like new. I opened it from original packaging but it was too big for my bike to run properly. #82 jet.

Re: 15mm Bing for sale.

$20 shipped?

Re: 15mm Bing for sale.


Re: 15mm Bing for sale.

you never said a realistic offer...

Re: 15mm Bing for sale.

I'm looking for $80 shipped. It is BARELY used.

Still available

still available


Re: Still available



Re: Still available

$55 shipped.

Re: 15mm Bing for sale.


$75 shipped takes it.

email me if intersted. I havent seen one for less than $80.

$75 shipped takes it. bumped!


Re: $75 shipped takes it.

Troy Brown /

how about a 14 or 12 bing with tall or short manifold , for trade .

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