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Aaaah, my first moped... I'm a little sad to see it go, but I've relocated to Canada and can't leave it in my parents' garage. And I certainly can't keep paying the registration and insurance to ride it when I'm home, so I'd like to pass this on to a new owner. I'd like to get $500 for it, but am flexible. Keep reading, I have a lot of extras I'd like to get rid of, including a non-running Peugeot 103.

-The moped is a red 2001 Avanti-Garelli Autopower, purchased new for $1100 + tax.

-1130 original miles.

-Clean New Jersey title.

-Ready to be ridden.

-Top speed around 38 mph on level ground, almost 50 downhill.

-Comes with tool kit, Avanti-Garelli manual, etc.

-In 2004 I fell off the moped and we were both injured. While we are both fully functioning mechanisms/organisms today, we are a little rougher around the edges for it.

-Air filter not shown in pictures: it'll be back on the bike as soon as I clean and readjust it.

-Also not shown is the red fiberglass hood with two working turn signals, which goes over the headlamp. (One of the screw-holes has widened too much to attach it without a little tinkering around.)

-Anyone interested in some extras? These include 2 good motorcycle helmets, a 5 gallon gas can with some gas, chain lube, extra spark plug (you'll need this soon), and, if you're interested, a whole other non-running older moped (1981? Peugeot 103, almost complete, many good parts.)

It would be great if I could sell this before I go back to school... make an offer!


Pic & info of the 103

And here's a pic of the Peugeot 103. The story on this moped is as follows - it was given to me by a guy who crashed it a couple years ago. He claims to have worked on it and repaired it to working condition, but then been too lazy to put it all back together. I really don't know, but a lot of the parts look good to me if you have a 103 too. There's no title and no key.


Re: FS: 2 Mopeds in NJ

Oh, and I do have the large metal baskets that screw onto the back of the 103, and a couple of plastic fender pieces that screw onto the chassis and make it look a lot classier.

And apologies for the comprehensiveness, just trying to give as much useful info as possible.

Re: FS: 2 Mopeds in NJ


Re: FS: 2 Mopeds in NJ

it says you live in canada....where in nj are the mopeds

Re: FS: 2 Mopeds in NJ

I do live in Canada now - I'm home at my parents' in Pennington, NJ (near Princeton) for August, and the issue of the moped in their garage was raised. If you're interested, you could come on over any time to check it out.

Re: FS: 2 Mopeds in NJ

is that any were near vineland and how low will you go with it

Re: FS: 2 Mopeds in NJ

80.4 miles / hour and twenty minutes' drive - for future reference, I highly recommend Google maps. As for the price, we can definitely negotiate, but I'm not going to cut the price in half just because. If you're interested, feel free to come on over and check out the mopeds / make me an offer. And if you're really on a budget but are possessed of mechanical talent, the Peugeot I could sell for $60, non-running and untitled as it is.

Re: FS: 2 Mopeds in NJ

Mopeds are gone - sold them this afternoon.

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