2005/06 Tomos Sprint sale

im located in Pittsburgh Pa. I have 2005/05 Tomos Sprint for sale. I have BIturbo and a Sidemount kickstand already installed. The factory kickstand and Exhaust are included in the sale.

This moped can reach speed over 40 miles an hour and faster down hills.

Working Headlights and Brakelights

my price is $500

Shipping is on you


Re: 2005/06 Tomos Sprint sale

See Ya Moped Army /

we know. you posted the same ad already.

Re: 2005/06 Tomos Sprint sale

I never knew a biturbo will make your tomos do 40. funny thing is I have one with a biturbo. it doesnt do 40+ you shouldnt bend the truth on a site where people know their stuff. hey maybe the bike is fast. but I dont see her doing 40+ with just a biturbo

Re: 2005/06 Tomos Sprint sale

hey email me at dangchsbball3@yahoo.com and maybe send me a couple of pictures and i will get back with you soon because i might be interested

Re: 2005/06 Tomos Sprint sale

Hey i am very interested, you can Email me more pictures at sjbascietto0@frostburg.edu or hit me up on instant Messenger at Dizzy1143. very interested. I am a couple hours from Pittsburgh.

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