motobecane 50v 1978

Motobecane 50V 1978 with original legs shield.

Everything work #1 on it, i install brand new dust cover on the front suspension. I have the registration paper at my name.

No rust on the body, all is original (color, miror, leg shield)...

I sell it because i need place!!!

Price 625$ Can!

I live Ch


pic #2

Alain L. /


Very easy to start!


Pic #3

Alain L. /

Pic #3

This the vid


Re: motobecane 50v 1978

Salut, je suis

motobecane 50v 1978

Hi Alain,

I am glad you have her on the road. I still like to buy the legshields. They are beautiful. If you consider it, write me an e-mail.


Re: motobecane 50v 1978

Alain L. /

The Motob

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