wtb:looking for a around ohio area

i am looking for a moped of any brand or design. i dont want a moped older than 1990. I am looking for a moped for about $400 or less. I am in columbus ohio but am willing to travel about 250 milles.

If you have something that i might be interested in please contact me at


Thank You

Re: wtb:looking for a around ohio area

check craigslist, plenty of tomos peds and hero majestics in columbus, not that I'd ever want a hero

Re: wtb:looking for a around ohio area


Just a quick tip...if you're planning on riding in Ohio, make sure you check the BMV's "approved list" before you buy. Only specific makes and models of mopeds are actually considered to be mopeds by the state of Ohio...I know...I'm up here in Lorain and just went through hell trying to get my Ciao registered. 3 trips to the BMV office, three different stories (including one lady who told me I had to have a title for a moped which was wrong) and ended up paying $45 for motorcycle plates only to get a letter from the BMV afterwards stating that moped plates are only supposed to be $24.50. Here's the BMV's moped info URL...


You'll note that many newer models of mopeds are -NOT- on the list, including Tomos models such as the Sprint. I know you said you were looking for something newer then a '90, but you really might want to go for something older in good shape instead...better chance of it being on the list.

As a fellow Ohioan, just wanted to give you a heads up!

Good Luck,


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thanks for the tip jim

Re: wtb:looking for a around ohio area

All newer Tomos bikes fall under the A3-SL model on the Ohio list. I registered my Murray here in Ohio. You won't find it on the list. You gotta know how to do it.

Re: wtb:looking for a around ohio area

how did you register if the murry is not on the list?

Re: wtb:looking for a around ohio area

Jim, how did you explain to them that you should only be paying $25 not the $45 for motorcycle plate. I definitly payed around 50 for my tags including all those other fees. I need to register another bike and i want to make sure i dont pay too much.

oh and to cocoloco, if youre bike isnt on the list just forge it on the bill of sale, like anyone is going to know what a murry is anyway. i wouldnt let that stop me from getting a plate.

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