Anybody need parts from INdia?


I'm in India for sometime and thought I would take the opportunity get some some parts while I'm here. Does anybody need anything?


Re: Anybody need parts from INdia?

if you can find the holy grail of avanti parts like 1st and 2nd speed clutch rubber then im sure u can make a few bucks those are hard to find ... they would sell like hotcakes on ebay i know i would buy a set

Re: Anybody need parts from INdia?

hey chandini,

long time no speaky. let me give you the break down. india is FULL of puch parts believe it or not!

in india they make "hero puchs" which are a new, rebadged kind of puch. pretty decent quality too. just really really ugly.

I have been trying to get hero puch engines from india for over a year. problem is shipping out of india is totally screwy. you basically have to ship by container, or 2 day express air. but if you have extra room in your bags that shit is free! anyway here is a list of the things you should be looking for.

the company i have been in contact with sells BRAND NEW engines. they are pricy but TOTALLY worth it. if you still have that red magnum you should TOTALLY get one for yourself too.

275$ for a complete 1 speed 65cc automatic with CDI.

300$ for a complete 2 speed 65cc manual shift motor with CDI.

325$ for a complete 3 speed 65cc manual shift with CDI

here is the company

N.T. International

WZ-83, Nangal Raya,

Pankha Road,

New Delhi-110046.(India)

Ph.: 91-11-25383128, 25390754

fax: 91-11-11-25431621



This is what the good 1 speed looks like.

This is what the 2 speed looks like. its called a shakti 2g

I cant find a picture of the 3 speed but i think its called the hero envoy. its very hard to find information about these bikes, i have been searching the net for over a year. anything you can learn and tell me would be greatly appreciated as well.

I would reccomend finding a couple local scooter shops in your area and asking them where to find the engines. they will know where the closest warehouse is, they have them all over india.

this would be SOOO FUCKING AWESOME if you could hook it up with these engines. buy a couple bring them back, sell them and get yourself a free engine for yourself!

Re: Anybody need parts from INdia?

i want!

also, siesta david (a creature) is in India right now too, you should contact him

Re: Anybody need parts from INdia?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

sweet, i;ll be there for a bit too.

maybe i can ship you guys a few engines

Re: Anybody need parts from INdia?

Thaks Harold,

I'll check out the engines. I've been doing some research and checking in with some shops. My cousins over here have been helping me out. So i'll definetly check out what the deal is with the engines. I was thining about getting a some new front forks for my magnum. I just need to find the specifics to get the right ones!


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