WTS for parts

1977 batavus VA 30mph version, most of parts are there, no title, new plug, new tires(never put on) does not run, includes 10 jets plus one huge one, first 150 takes it pick up only, red, no pics availible, not much rust, but where it is its not bad at all very fixable

Re: WTS for parts

Niss Feiner /

Would you be willing to part it out, maybe sell just the engine?

Re: WTS for parts

Cleats Onionpockets /

Jack, what happened? When last I knew, that bike was still running fine?!

Re: WTS for parts

yeah im selling as my parents ownt let me have 2 mopeds and i really want that pougeot 103 and if the bid goes any higher the i need to have cash availible to bid higher, its not by choice its by force and no i wont part it out, its all or nothing and its got close to 950 miles on it and new riungs also

Re: WTS for parts

price can be negotiated, must sell taking all offers

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