WTB : Motobecane pedal (left)

Hello comrades! I lack a certain brute strength one needs to bend busted pedals. So...I'm giving up the good fight. Anyone got a spare left pedal just laying around that would work on a 1979 motobecane? yes? no? 50v. yes. say yes. Cash or cupcakes seals the deal.


Re: WTB : Motobecane pedal (left)

I bend mine back by heating them in the wood stove., once they turn white ,you can bend them back easy.

Re: WTB : Motobecane pedal (left)

I told her we could heat it up but we have no wood stove, no blow torch, or any other means. And I couldn't figure out how to get the rubber part of the pedal off and didn't want to just break it.

Re: WTB : Motobecane pedal (left)

Case solved. I just ordered some new ones.

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