morini franco 100cc help

To Whom It May Concern:

MINARELLI FRANCO MOTORI MORINI EXPERTS I Need Help!! I need parts for a 1970's Indian Bobcat Mini bike with A 100cc Morini Franco; Need Kickstart Shaft, Shifter Shaft, Oversize Piston Complete, Con rod + bearings or Complete Crankshaft, Points Condensor gaskets Etc.. I think lots of different manufacturers used this engine. Can't seem to get through to the motomorini engine company. The engine is oval with chrome cover and "morinifranco" and "made in Italy" and "motori" engraved on the right side. Marking on top of case is either 10-0 or 10-D. I believe this to be a 1974 (Newman built Indian) Bobcat. I have searched for 3 months for information on this engine and I am in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. All / Any Help Appreciated

Thanks, Bill

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