Batavus-1976 HS50 for sale in Grand Rapids

For sale:

Pristine 1976 Batavus HS50.

Beautiful moped with less than 500 original miles!

Cleaned up and restored by Devin of Motion Left.

Starts well and tops out at about 25MPH. Kinda slow.

However beautiful...

Priced at: $895.00 or best offer

H 616.742.5106

the photo...

Re: the photo...

I have a Batavus HS50 restored by Devin of motion left mopeds and will vouch for the quality of his work.

Re: the photo...


Re: the photo...

Devons a pimp, but I think you should get some decent pics of this ped up here. That small pic is useless.

Re: the photo...

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