WTB Laura M56 engine

I need another engine while mine is in for repairs. Must run and can't have a "shredding belt" problem. I have $50 on hand, so if anyone has one, I'll take it.

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Re: WTB Laura M56 engine

my trac had that same problem. So I sold it. But it would eat belts and spit out engagement plates.

Re: WTB Laura M56 engine

Like this ?? BUT double check - This is a Daelim from a Trac - went through this a couple of hundred times with MA members already

Sold the rings . Piston skirt chipped after it rolled off the bench da - - it . Cylinder is perfect , belt perfect etc etc . AS -IS I can take real detail pics if you want . Almost tossed it 3 months ago till somebody here wanted the rings .


Re: WTB Laura M56 engine

pic 2


Re: WTB Laura M56 engine

pic 3


Re: WTB Laura M56 engine

What are you asking? Also, what about the bike it's on? Thanks

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