Zanetti Bicizeta

hi iam new to this forum. i have recently bought a 1970 Zanetti Bicizeta for 20$ it runs and its in pretty good condition. i was wondering if anyone would know how much somthing like this is worth. i dont know if i want to sell it yet but i would just like to get an idea of how much to ask for it if i do decide to sell it. Any info on this moped would be much help.



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yeah me too i never owned a moped before and i ve been looking for a moped thats cheap so how much do you think you would sell it for?

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got to be worth at least $250, if you decide to sell let me know Mike

Re: Zanetti Bicizeta

Leon Swarmer /

Front wheel drivers that aren't solex's don't generally go as high as conventional

Re: Zanetti Bicizeta

Sounds like it's worth twenty dollars.

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The Bicizeta is from 1968. The engine was originally designed for an industrial sprayer and runs at a fairly high rpm, as a result, they run HOT. There are ZERO parts available for these bikes and they are prone to blowing the cylinder base gasket. Thats an 8 hour job IF you had the gasket. I was a mechanic for these 30 years ago when I was in High school. Its probably worth what you paid; Dont break it!

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There was one on ebay two weeks ago. It was pretty much all complete. Sold $128.

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Bought one on ebay for $350 , and it took over a month to get here. (with a rippoff $200 shipping charge). When it arrived I found a cracked weld, missing tail-light and missing Idle screw. Aside from that, surprisingly it is runs okay-sorta. Just need a replacement tail-light. The Dellorto carb parts are easy to find.

I've got the manual scanned in if you'd like a copy.


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Hi Jayster.

I just got Zaneeti on ebay a month ago unfortunately, the engine was block.

So, please kindly send me the manual copy to me :

I really appreciate for your kind sharing.

warm regards from Indonesia


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jordan... im the 'burgh and may be interested in the zanetti if you decide to go with a bigger/faster/more legit penndot legal titled ped. Mike and i are on different budgets ha, but I have a zanetti restoration underway and I would love to have the parts on hand. pm me anytime

Re: Zanetti Bicizeta

arrrrrgh..... fooled by a resurrected 5yr old post

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