WTB parts for Lazer Sport 50

for my Lazer I need:

- front break arm (where it attaches from the break cable to the wheel) (I think honda nc50's have this)

- any plastic cover pieces, especially the plastic screws that hold the electrical cover on

- left blinker lens/ directional cover

- petcock (used)

- used carb, a Dellorto SHA 14.12 (the nozzle where the petcock fuel line attaches is broken, don't know if I can get just that piece)

- fly wheel fan? some of the fins are broken on it, not sure if that is imperative though

- I may be able to order these but I need a starter cable and a front break cable with a barrel end

- lastly.. depending on what condition your left handle grip/switches are in I would be interested in that as well.. I am talking about the whole grip and switches unit thing that has the blinker toggle, the headlight switch and the horn on it..

Thanks for looking..

Re: WTB parts for Lazer Sport 50

if you dont have any luck with a parts bike you can try handybikes.com -they have all of that stuff

Re: WTB parts for Lazer Sport 50

Appreciate it.. looks like they have a lot of what I need.. def would like to find an original electrical switch if possible but I am sure I can figure something else out..

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