20%OFF Karmaloop.com products

karma loop is an urban store that has great stuff for ridin. I just bought some awesome stuff from there and I got alot off by using the rep code: CY15686. you can also get the discount after using the link http://www.karmaloop.com/index.asp?rcode=CY15686

while shopping. Hope you guys find some great stuff like I Did

Re: 20%OFF Karmaloop.com products

umm, why the crap is this on our MOPED buy/sell forum???? if you want to advertise...spam that shit out over the general repair form with the heading O/T..dork

Re: 20%OFF Karmaloop.com products

hey spammer, where's the ride gear?

Re: 20%OFF Karmaloop.com products

karmaloop actually has some really cool clothes, theyre one of the only places that carry a local company here called bean dip. when he said gear i dont believe he met helmets or gloves, just some cool unique shirts.

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