WTB :: Carburetor :: Bing, Dellorto >14.12

hi there.

do you have a 15mm bing? or do you maybe have a dellorto that's bigger than the standard 14.12? maybe you've got a speed kit now aren't doing anything with that old carb you used when you just had a preformance pipe now that you've got a fancy PHBG dellorto? maybe it's a SHA 15.15 or 16.16?


sell it to me!

my sachs is mad at it's tiny bing, and wants to go faster. help him go faster.

Re: WTB :: Carburetor :: Bing, Dellorto >14.12

used, any condition.

Re: WTB :: Carburetor :: Bing, Dellorto >14.12

Unless you have your intake mounted forward or way off to the side, it doesn't matter, you wont be able to fit any of those carbs. What you want to look for is a 85/12/104 bing that is the carb that came on the D sachs jugs, it is the "better" carb for the sachs. Not going to lie though, if you look on here or ebay we will be bidding against each other......lol. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Re: WTB :: Carburetor :: Bing, Dellorto >14.12

you can easily put a 14.12 on any sachs duder

Re: WTB :: Carburetor :: Bing, Dellorto >14.12

i have that very carb on my bike right now. with the late model 5051d engine (bigger ports, bolt on exhaust mounts, other good shit) and a biturbo exhaust, it's still not up to par. a 15 bing will work on my bike if i mount it forward, or if i install a riser underneath the intake, which is not hard at all to do. i've heard the dellorto's fit fine as well, namely the ones with the rubber intake mount. a 14.12 dellorto would be a downgrade from what i have now, though.

so, yes, i know what i need. and if anyone's selling a 15 bing or a 15 dellorto, please let me know.

Re: WTB :: Carburetor :: Bing, Dellorto >14.12

Just another idea, but schjin said if you file the nut off the bottom of a 15mm bing, you can mount it facing the way the old carb does....

Re: WTB :: Carburetor :: Bing, Dellorto >14.12

yeah i'm certain i could get a 15 bing to fit. ergo, i will see if anyone has one sitting around...

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