looking to buy my first moped

so im really interested in getting a moped dont dont know shit about shit when it comes to them. if anyone could help me out that would be great. i live in chicago and want to spend 300 tops. thanks

Re: looking to buy my first moped

If anyone tells you, "I've got a 19_ [insert year] ________ [insert make and model] that has/doesn't have _______ [insert parts, components, running condition, or anything else you can think of]" and you have NO IDEA what the moped they're talking about looks like, try looking at the photos section (follow link at the top of the page). It helped me A LOT.

Re: looking to buy my first moped

get a Puch that you can drive away. pedal it, pull the decompressor and it should start. for $300 you should get a decent ped. ask your co-workers, friends, family. You might even find one for free. Grampa joe probably has one in his garage.

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