Stock magnum gas tank

the outside is really good condition with the decals still on it (the gray colored tank w/ green stripes around puch) the inside needs to be cleaned out though

im willing to trade for a magnum tank that is clean on the inside, outside doesnt matter as i will be custom painting it, just thought that i would see if anyone wanted a stock tank before i sanded it.


Re: Stock magnum gas tank

also this does not include petcock or gascap

Re: Stock magnum gas tank


Re: Stock magnum gas tank

yeah dont sand that bad boy just yet let see if we can find a beater first!

Re: Stock magnum gas tank

its really nice, i might even clean it myself this upcoming weekend but thats just going to up the price for you folks :P

andrew do you have a magnum tank? if so we can do this exhaust,carb,tank sale and just meet halfway somewhere. hell i might even ride my ped if i can.

whats a reasonable price?

Re: Stock magnum gas tank


Re: Stock magnum gas tank

I do have a magnum tank and its almost 98 percent perfect on the outside and perfect in the inside.

Id just be horrified to see you sand down a nicely painted one LOL

100 bucks and a rusty inside magnum tank and the stuff is yours dude.

Re: Stock magnum gas tank

email sent i want to pickup tonight if possible so check your email :P

Re: Stock magnum gas tank

still have this tank, probably going to clean the inside on monday. any takers? make some offers

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