Puch and Parts 4 sale

So after 6 months of not being able to title my puch in Wisconsin, I have decided to post it and the old parts on e-bay and sell it to someone who could use it... legally..


Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

Wha parts are you selling?

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

Check the other items on my ebay page...

Puch -


za50 clutch drum

za50 1st and 2nd speed clutches

zaso gearing

za50 engaging plate

za50 engine case with crank

Puch ignition w/o condensor

puch za50 flywheel": http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZretto216

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

You do free shipping?

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

I will ship the moped for free for under 100 miles from green bay wisconsin

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

i heard that it is harder to find parts for the 2 speed clutch the the normal 1 speed? have you had troble finding parts for it and how often do you ride it?

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

I have had a hard time finding any parts for the engine, the 2speeds have become rare and hard to get parts for. Since I could not get it titled, I havent done much riding on the road.

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

hey, if you'll ship it for free, is chicago close? i'll give you $400

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

I'm in Stevens Point, I'm not interested, but I was wondering what problems you had in titling it?

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

I'll buy the complete 2 speed clutch assembly with cover. let me know the cost.

thanks, rob

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

The dmv gave me the run around with not having a title. I bought it from a guy that had it sitting in his field for 20 years, and decided to restore it. the dmv told me it needed to be running and safe before I could get it titled, so after over $1000 and 6 months of work I went back to the dmv and they told me that it was too OLD!!! to get titled?!?!

after arguing, the manager at the dmv gave me a number for state sherrif to inspect it, after calling them, they said they only do motorcycles, cars.. etc. ... I called green bay cop shop, dePere.. etc.. still no luck... I GIVE UP. Its not worth the hastle of paying a title service 250 bucks to do it for me, so im sellin it.

Re: Puch and Parts 4 sale

I can afadavid that shit in 15 minute for the cost of $24 dollars to get a south dakota title and then you can transfer it.

if your interested email me

i will need the vin number of the frame, color, make and model.

All i have to say it that it was on a farm since the day it was bought and then i bought it.

It will give a transferable title.


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