wtb: ace bars in sf

anyone in the sucka free have a pair of ace bars they can sell me? looking for a quick cash deal and pickup. i will even through in a free polini sticker -- omg.

Re: wtb: ace bars in sf

hey hai, i owe you a favor. want me to make a custom set for you?

i am by no means a professional but i just did a amazing job on my first attempt at custom bars. check it out. make a sketch with some size specifications and i can cook you something up.

if you are really in a rush i could probably get them done and sent to you within a week.

p.s. dont tell the creatures. jordan and erin already asked me to make them a set. i just dont want to turn into a handlebar factory. especially since my neighbors give me shit for using my angle grinder all the time lol.

wtb: ace bars in sf

hey you still have all my polini stickers!11one

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