one last Mobylette for sale $270

For sale this 1976 50L Motobecane , it runs but rough, the gurtner needs some attention, I usually instal the dellorto to spare me the frustrations of trying to get the Gurtner carb to behave. So I'm letting this moped go. It is complete, the speedometer has to be reinstalled, it comes with the moped, tires are good so the brakes , body no dent or bent forks, the paint job in worn here and there, not too shabby, fuel valve ids brand new, no rust in tank,lights work so is the horn. It's all there ,just need someone to tinker with it, it won't take much to get it back to snuff.



Re: one last Mobylette for sale $270

I was to finnishwith this last one this winter, but won't have the time and after fixing and selling a few of them, I'm taking a break. I'll be busy enough fixing my 5oV and my son's.

I'll throw in a new clutch as a bonus, the moped does not need it

Re: one last Mobylette for sale $270

I know you've emailed me the pics but give me a time and date, I'd love to come see it in person.

Re: one last Mobylette for sale $270

You want me to give you a date? About a prune.

Check your email

Re: one last Mobylette for sale $270

No email yet, but it's time for me to leave work. These 4 1/2 hours days are really killing me! ;) I'll check it when I get home later.

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