F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

complete bottom end for a Puch ZA50 2 speed.........its missing the stator plate and flywheel and the 4 studs on

top of the cases.

also comes with clutch cover, no mag cover

everything is free and the gear wheels under the clutch

cover spins,

crankshaft has no up/down play

very little side/side play

some surface rust on mag side crankshaft.....should come

off with wire wheel. nothing serious

been buried in my garage for awhile. finally found it.

well stored though

make me an offer or its off to ebay


Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

i was going to get one local for like 50 bucks but i dont know where the guy went...

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

hey im interested. any gaurentee that the internals are ok? do you know how many miles are on it?

you have my interest

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

How much you want? All I need is a good crank, fucking I almost got 1 local but craig got to it first.

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

fuck you harold!

i need that to have a back up and to learn from!

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

oh really? i need that to have a bike that runs!

i have a siezed za50 you can have for 20$ !!!!

go fuck around with that not a working motor you jerk!

p.s. i miss your face

p.p.s. we posted at the exact same time so i wasnt trying to steal your thunder

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end


i cant guarantee the internals since i aint had it apart.

dont know how many miles on it but the cylinder on this

one was on the original bore. piston was ok when i got it

out but the rings were rusty.

i can see the gears turn and the round thing(clutch) turns

just fine.

has the clutch cover that says PUCH on the side.

it has a good crankshaft. it spins the rod is fine.

i just have to clear out the garage so some stuff has to go.

i thought i had an extra 2 speed crankshaft.........i will look

again. it was hard enough finding this engine.....along the

way i found a 1 speed engine and a torn apart maico 440

engine too.

i was hoping for more than $50.00..........shipping will

be expensive. this is heavy. will ship from 64114, kansas city

please dont ask for pics. it looks like every other puch

2 speed bottom end.


Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

sorry dude but you wont get more than 50 for a incomplete unkown condition motor.

Also if you took the clutch cover off more than likely it now needs a new gasket. that 30 year old paper.

feel free to post it on ebay though.

p.s. shipping on that motor costs around 25-30$ if you do ground.

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

yeah shipping will be 30 bucks tops via USPS priority.

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

Harold on the motor you seized what part is seized? I only need the fucking crank.

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

cranks gone dude. im pretty sure its rusted away. i dont know yet.

i can tell you the top end is siezed like it sat on the bottom of the ocean for 20 years.

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end


i guess i*ll try to get it running then.

i have a 1 speed ignition from another bike.

all i need is a cylinder and rings to complete this motor.

Re: F/S....Puch ZA50 bottom end

it would be worth more running for sure dude.

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