WTB 12-15mm morini intake

Something like this break>

Even though the linked intake isn't for a morini I think that kind should work. A morini-specific intake would be even better.

Re: WTB 12-15mm morini intake


Re: WTB 12-15mm morini intake

i have some 12mm intakes for the non reed valve morini. is that what you mean?

they are 12mm though and dont look like they have enough meat to be bored out.

Re: WTB 12-15mm morini intake

couldn't get any from harold


Re: WTB 12-15mm morini intake

I took a 9mm morini intake and bored it out to a 13mm. Thats the largest I could drill it out to, it left the walls very thin but it worked. If you want to ship me your stock intake I'll drill it out and send it back to you. Morini intakes are impossible to find.

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