1977 Mopeds Used Parts Sale.

Dan Webber Kastner /

Sorry about the cross posting.

This Saturday, from 10am to whenever, we are going to be selling all of our used parts.

There will be everything from exhausts, carbs, frames, forks, to whole mopeds. Pretty much everything must go. You will hate yourself if you don’t make it.

Our address:

1977 Mopeds

248 N. Kalamazoo Mall

Kalamazoo, Mi 49007

Local phone number 269.344.1977

Re: 1977 Mopeds Used Parts Sale.

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Sweet, I was wondering what to do on Saturday...

Re: 1977 Mopeds Used Parts Sale.

Dan-Im real interested in whole "parts" bikes-what cha got?

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