FS or trade: 79 motobecane 50v, needs some work

i recently picked up a 50v thinking i would fix it up, but now im moving in a few weeks and i cant take it with me, so i need it gone. It ran when i bought it, but it was rough, so i tore it down. engine was apart, everything checked. all bearigns are good, and the case is back together, but it needs rings. theyre cheap enough, i just never got around to getting them. they were cracked, cylinder looks good, but i'd probably just give it a quick honing. to be complete it needs a throttle assy(right grip), decomp cable, and gas cap. the speedo cable is broken, and the pedal cranks look to be bent. i think the kid i bougt it from just beat it up. $125, and i can meet partway or deliver it....or make a deal on a trade. let me know what you have. I'm only in this area until the end of the month, so dont wait!

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