fs: za50 bottom end

i'm parting out a 2speed maxi sport with the ever-so-popular-right-now za50 engine.

the bottom end is physically and mechanically perfect. 800 miles on it. crank is ever so smooth. i have the top-end too, but you should ideally be throwing a kit on this bitch.

frame, forks, chrome, wheels (snow flake mags), all in very good condition. no rust anywhere on the bike. don't have any pictures, but check the photo in my profile -- it's the exact same bike. frame is about a 9.5/10.

catch is, i'm going to be parting it out locally. sf only. i'm not lugging this thing anywhere, you got to come to my hood. i'll ship the smaller items, but the frame/fork/wheels/engine have priority to those who can come pick it up.

catch also is, i'm more open to trades than cash. especially looking for some french technology right now.

to wit, sf only! trade me for some french love!

Re: fs: za50 bottom end

DUDE I WILL MEET YOU UP Tomorrow I want that za50 motor oh so badly plz plz plz plz let me buy it. I also might buy other parts from you this is exactly what ive been looking for.

Re: fs: za50 bottom end

Hit me up at (415)424-9368 Names Daniel,

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