looking for a puch

so, i am getting a student loan this fall that i dont plan on spending on student stuff. i would like a moped! i guess it counts if it takes me to school. i want a puch newport or something of that similar style. like a honda pa50 or a maxi. but i mostly perfer a newport or maxi. money is not a problem, but convincing my wife that i need a moped is. thanks.

Re: looking for a puch

I have a 1981 Puch Newport ll,runs good,but it`s in Pueblo,Colo,$350

Re: looking for a puch

cool! Can you send me some pics? I would need one of both sides and one of both sides up close on the engine and any others you might think would help. Would you be willing to ship it? E mail me. Thanks. In other news, i have free internet on my phone due to some error on t mobiles part. I callled asking if im getting charged for it and they said i was crazy and i dont have internet. Well, i am sending this message from my phone. The power is out in the whole county. Wild.

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