WTB: Sachs D Jug and Piston

Hey all,

Just looking for a Sachs D jug and Piston with the skirts to match the D jug. And if you have those, do you have the bearings for the crankshaft? Thanks.

Re: WTB: Sachs D Jug and Piston

handybikes has the jugs new for 159, and the pistons complete with both rings,pin, circlips for 60. I have a complete 505/1D motor that was running 42 mph almost stock, but it has since munched the top ring. The jug is okay though, but the piston has some scratches on one side. Was going to keep it to rebuild, but could be talked out of it for the right price. I'm right in holland, MI

Re: WTB: Sachs D Jug and Piston

were you at that grand rapids fix-it day (the first one)?

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