Good running Puch sport MKII for sale in PA.

I have a 1978 green Puch Sport MKII for sale. It runs

great, but needs some minor repairs to be road worthy.

1) Both front and rear tires are old and inner tubes are also


2) The speedometer sticks. I'm sure I can repair this myself

if you like.

3) The right hand-brake lever was cracked at one point and

an inadequate repair was done to fuse it back together.

I rode it like this for years, but it really should be replaced.

Everything else looks and works quite well. I can take care

of the repairs if your looking for a street ready ride, or, if

you're mechanically inclined, you could do the repairs yourself

and save a few bucks. The bike comes with two detachable

rear baskets that are collapsible. I have the original tool kit.

There are 1874 miles on the bike. I don't have a digital camera

so I'm enclosing an image of another moped that looks exactly

like mine.

ASKING PRICE: I would like to get $250.00 for it but I am open

to offers.


Re: Good running Puch sport MKII for sale in PA.

where are you located, near fish town?

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