thing have come up and i am in need to sell my tomos, it is a 2006, Flat Black color, (very rare). Has right under 2,000 miles. The moped has a 2 piece biturbo, smaller 28 tooth sprocket on the back wheel and a bigger jet in the carb, with all this the bike hits 45mph. In the picture you will see the euro kit installed, but it has been takin off. Bike is in very good running condition and it still practically new, zero rust on the bike, and no parts are missing. moped has never been tipped or dropped, everythign is striaght. please email me at if you have questions. the bike is currently registerd and insured in jersey, has pedals not pegs, clear title ready to sign over. Price is $1,150. Moped needs to be sold soon. -Samz

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