1977 Columbia in VT

Looking to sell my 77 Columbia Commuter. It has around 750 miles on it. I bought it about a two months ago and have put work into it. I cleaned the entire thing and re-painted it. I have replaced the shocks and cleaned most of the chrome. I rewired the moped and it won't turn over. i am sure its just an issue with the wiring. When I bought the moped it started up right away and topped out at 35 mph. The started cable broke and can be easily replaced. Included in the deal are two new tires and tubes as well as the originally manual. It is well on its way to becoming a good bike. Just needs some love, which I can't provide. I am looking to sell it for $350. Pictures will come soon.

Re: 1977 Columbia in VT

Since there seems to be no interest thus far I have decided to lower the price of my Columbia to 275 or best offer. There is also a picture attached now.


Re: 1977 Columbia in VT

no offense but i fricken hat those things!!!

Re: 1977 Columbia in VT

Why not fix it and sell it for the same price running. Why try to pawn it off on the next poor guy?

Sorry, but that is VERY steep for a non-running ped.


Re: 1977 Columbia in VT

Would u come out to ohio and do a trade im sure u wouldnt, just wondering

Re: 1977 Columbia in VT

Keep going.

Re: 1977 Columbia in VT

Haha. No I won't come to Ohio. Sorry.

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