Honda PC50 moped

Does anyone know a parts source for these bikes, being a Honda I would have thought they would have made a million of them but so far no luck on finding parts. I need mostly cosmetic stuff for a restoration. right side battery cover, chain cover, leg shield, decals.

Re: Honda PC50 moped

Parts are a problem.

Do you have a parts list?


You can go to and look up the part numbers of what you need.

For the plastic stuff you will probably just have to haunt ebay until some show up.

Re: Honda PC50 moped

that website works great,they are out of ohio,bought a piston and ring kit 4 40.00$

Re: Honda PC50 moped

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than you do finding a leg shield.

Re: Honda PC50 moped

Thanks, Western Hills Honda is only about 10 or 15 miles from me, but according to their website they don't have what I need.

Re: Honda PC50 moped

oohh,u wanted a leg sheild,eaither give them a call,or i have one if you are interested in buying it(it is white),ive me a price 4 it

Re: Honda PC50 moped

What kind of condition is the leg shield? I also need a right side cover and chain cover all white.

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