WTB: sachs kit

right now i'm running stock on my 1978 juili honey, i want either a 70cc or an 80cc if anyone has one out there.

Re: WTB: sachs kit

Hey there,

Do you know how much honey 50's are worth?

i have just got one and was wondering how much i could get for it....

its a yellow Juili Honey 50.

Im not into bikes and im just looking for someone who knows a bit about them...

cheers for your help.

frm Naeomi

Re: WTB: sachs kit

there's an athena kit for sale on ebay.

Re: WTB: sachs kit

Sachs motors are good, lots NOS parts available. There'd be interest:

Museum Piece: $600

Complete, running: $400

Complete, non-running: $200

Re: WTB: sachs kit

Where are you located? Does it run? Give me a run down of the condition...I'll tell you what I would be will to pay. I'm in CA.

Re: WTB: sachs kit

hey jaelita! how is your bike running since our carb/pipe revamping?

Re: WTB: sachs kit

Hi there.

its not running and i dont know why. im not into bikes...

im in New Zealand... its a long way from you!

It is all intact as far as i know

cheers for your help.

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