Sachs clutch cable

Mine is busted and the cable cannot be replaced locally. Bicycle cables just don't cut it. Anyone out there have a Sachs clutch cable they don't need?

Sachs clutch cable

roadent$ craig /

i put a bicycle one in mine when i had a sachs...worked fine

Re: Sachs clutch cable

wha??? which bicycle cable did you use?? ie. derailer, brake etc.

Re: Sachs clutch cable

i'm REALLY angry at this point, just did a bangup job on my engine that only took about 1hour20minutes of actual labour, but threading the cable through the clutch handle takes over 3 hours then didn't work. that's what I really hate about these mopeds, the mechanically difficult parts are sooo easy once you do it a few times but the easy parts take forever. ****

Re: Sachs clutch cable


i've never taken more than 3 minutes to thread the cable through the handle...

As for the clutch cable

I've used derailer cables before

they work, but lasted a very short time

some have had better luck

go to home depot/lowes and get a few feet of galvanized (not stainless) 1/16" wire rope (only .02mm thinner than the stock 1.6mm)

heat the old cable end with a heat gun until the old cable comes out

slather the new cable with appropriate flux

solder onto old cable end

good to go

i'm actually using my old sachs bing throttle cable right now

just strung straight through the old cable end without soldering

Re: Sachs clutch cable

what about the end piece at attaches to the clutch itself?

Re: Sachs clutch cable

ohhhh i didn't see the soldering part. so a simple soldering job will hold this clutch cable together?? i pull pretty hard

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