puch MV50 or allstate

I need either a complete engine or cylinder and piston for an Allstate moped 50cc mid 60s model. Puch MV50 will interchange

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I bought a new cylinder and piston from here, and they are great!

"Motor West Inc": https://www.motorwestmotorcycles.com/shop/

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Thanks for the information. I am restoring an old Allstate model 810 94001, I believe it to be a 1960 model. The piston is rusted to the cylinder and so far I haven't been able to free it up. Maybe if freed I can hone the cylinder and reuse it but worse case I will need to replace. I haven't called motorwest yet but I did look through their online catalogue and saw a 38 mm piston.

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Yep, they're stamped with a "#1" I actually think you have a 56 or 57, with that number. I have been talking to SO many people who just got one of these lately, I get confused. I'm not sure if I have talked with you before or not. Either way, here's another place to shop if ya wanna mess with the overseas money transfer. He's a good guy and is reasonably priced, from The Netherlands....

"Rinky Toys": http://www.rinkytoys.nl/

I also have a manual that I scanned and put onto CD. If you want one, I have sent MANY out. Just let me know a mailing address.


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Oh, and I believe your bike is more like the MS50, which is almost identical to the MV50. I have both types, but both are American-sold Allstates. If your fan shroud is a complete circle then it's the MS50 style. If it's got a "bite" taken out of the cover, around the pedal shaft, it's the MV50 style. Also the tanks are a little different size and the covers on them. The MV50 type has a "V" kinda, in the chrome, as the MS50 type has parallel stripes in it. The MV50 is a little newer. It also can be started in Neutral without engaging the wheel, as the MS50 type secures the pedals in place, while in Neutral. The rear shocks differ a little, and the rear rack.

Your bike is solid maroon isn't it? If it was 60's it'd be two-tone red and cream, or blue and white.

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Forgot to mention, that same #1 38mm piston fits both types.

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Yes my Allstate is solid maroon. The ones i remember from the 60s were red with a white tank and headlight nacelle. And you are right about it being more like the MS50 also. I have allready ordered a manual from the Allstateguy. He told me there was no way to determine model year from the serial number but it is 6651827. The model number plate says Steyr Damlier Puch AG Graz made in Austria. I plan on painting it in the familar red and cream colors like I remember from the 60s. Do you know a source for paint or color numbers or anything? I looked up the Rinky toys site and they do have some parts I need but I would prefer to get them from Motor West of course

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how hard is it to pull the jug off the motor base on the Allstate 50? I am afraid to apply much pressure as I am afraid of breaking something. Right now I am just letting it soak in transmission fluid

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It's not hard, but if ya have a seized piston, it'll only come out as far as that allows. It'd be better to try and get it loose first. One of mine was like that, and I put a large socket inside, and beat it with some wood. It finally gave way, and I'm riding it every day, except with a new piston and cylinder. I did actually use that cylinder for awhile on one of my others for awhile. No, the reason for not being able to know for sure which year it is exactly is because they made the same number for more than one year. Then as they sold, it legally became THAT year for anyone titling them. My '58 is red and cream. My others are maroon, except one was brush-painted light blue by a previous owner. Ya know what's weird is I think that owner was someone I went to hischool with, and it was paint that I gave him; which was car paint, and it's hard to get it off. I want to paint that one yellow and white.

Sorry, I don't know where to get a matching color code, or whatever.

Yep, yours is DEFINITELY a 50's bike, being maroon. 57 or early 58 were the last of the maroons. They began in 1954. My brother has one with the same numbers as yours. (the ...001) I have two 000's, and a 010.

Here's the one I drive daily... in fact I'm heading out right now on it.

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Good idea about using the socket I will try that. I have the transmission removed but I still haven't looked at the crank yet so I don't know it's condition. Your moped looks good. I am going to Illinois to pick up a 1970 Honda PC50A this weekend. Along with my Allstate, Harley, and little Tomos A3 that should make a garage full for a while

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